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control of energy consumption


Category: 5

Subcategory: Energy Efficiency

Control of each of the measuring points automatically and in real time.

Licensing, programming and implementation of the energy management software in plant

• Integration of main input electric meter-feeder with protocol IEC-60870-5-102 REE Profile

• Installation of ZIV type 4 meter counters-model 5CTD-E1C-061400UA with IEC-60870-5-102 protocol Profile

• Installation and connection of Circutor Network Analyzers

• Integration of gas corrector reading in the ERM

• Supply and installation of gas quantometers with pulse emitter

• Supply and installation of glycol, taladrina, mold release and oil meters

• Acquisition of oven temperature measurements

• Supply, Installation and wiring of wireless pulse sensors

• Supply, installation and commissioning of 3 wireless pulse concentrators

• Supply, installation and commissioning of 3 fiber optic Ethernet hubs

• Ethernet, Modbus RS-485 and Ethernet fiber optic communication bus